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Monday, February 15, 2010

How to become an ejunkie affiliate, how to make money with affiliate marketing, ebooks and ebay, ebiz!

How to make money from affiliate marketing
(part 1)

~ Or make big bucks  telling
 everyone else how to make money
by writing a book for e-junkie ~

Let's face it, Vern, making money on the internet is a lot harder than it looks.  In the days of the get rich quick in real estate craze, there were thousands of authors telling you how to make big bucks buying houses no one would rent.  They called those rental houses.  Most of the guys selling special software or expensive techniquesw were 'professors' because they couldn't do it themselvers or were not willing to work hard enough to make it happen.   

Making money on the net through affiliate programs turns out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.  The truth was there, I just didn't want to see it.  The get rich quick in real estate mentality transfers over to the get rich quick on the web mentality.

 It is just as easy to dream about being a rich web author as it was to dream about being a rich real estate investor.  Making a real buck, better yet, making a lot of bucks, takes some smart planning and a lot of hard work.
"O.K. Mable, who is going to visit your web page if you don't have content."  They said.  "Jus one or two good posts are not what most call content."

"Not only do you have to have content, it needs to be quality content", they told me.  And it has to be lots of quality content.  How about 100 articles, for example? 

"Eh, Mable, would you give Vern a glass of water?  He started choaking when I mentioned needing 100 articles before I can pay the rent!"

"I no longer try to write 10 articles a day"

It is at this point guys who tell you how to get rich quick on the internet quit trying to do it themselves.  They are not about to put in the thousands of hours it takes.  That is why a true web author, a masochist in his private life, gets paid and the rest only dream.  Unfortunately, masochists don't give up. To us, when they say it can't be done, that is secret code for  "but I can do it if I stick with it!"

In my case I figured it was going to be a very very long weekend getting my hundred articles together.  I have been writing non-stop for over 4 months, now.  Most of my effort is on my legal blog, sage advice.  But I have plenty of other things that interest me.

I no longer try to write 10 articles a day.  If I can do one or two nicely written pieces I am a happy camper.  I am slowly losing the get rich quick mentality.  I think I will finally make a few bucks, it is just going to take a lot longer than the guys who charge for internet dreams said it would.  Maybe it was a good thing I couldn't afford all of those how-to manuals after all!
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Why aren't I celebrating on your sailboat in the Carribbean?  That is the question I have been asking and the answers are out there for sure.  I just need to find the right cat who will tell me the truth for free! 

For example, there are those little details like you need to have a landing page when you do guest articles.  Jade Graven has an excellent article on that topic. This is the hooty tooty page that draws all of those surfers into your ebiz trap so you can make the big bucks when they click on your affiliate pages.

See, I already knew that.  I didn't have to read Jade Graven to find it out.  Masochists are know it all's too.  That is how we knew it was pointless to fill out all of those surveys.  But we had to try it anyway.  Like I say, Jade didn't have to give me that piece of advice, but if you have any more tips, Jade, I am listening!  There is a joke here but not a very good one!

"End to long journey begin with first step"

A good place to start making money on the net is with affiliate programs.  These are the ad programs you slide into your web page right beside the content you just stole.  The hope is some fool will click on the ad and you will make .03 cents!  From there you are only thousands of articles away from being an emarketing millionaire.  Confucious say, 'end to long joyrney begin with first step'.  If you have gotten here you have taken lots of first steps.

"Should you get your own domain and domain name"

What about affiliate marketing and electronic or ebooks?  When you are new to the business of how to get rich quick on the internet these web guys throw fancy names as if it takes two minutes to figure them.  Twitter this, and digg that, and by the way, how about e-junkie?   Then there is getting the systems up and running, do you use blogger - only rank amateurs use blogger, er, inluding me.  Or should you get your own domain and domain name, and will you have enough broadband width and don't worry, you have to develop your page so the robots will crawl it the right way. 

By the time you are through it is enough to keep you up at night.  Not to worry, you are going to be up anyway.  You have 100 articles to write!

I figure by the time I have spent my life figuring it all out I could have made a lot more money writing how to get rich quick in real estate articles.  I won't be rich in either case, but at least one could be done a lot quicker than the other!

Affiliate marketing is the back bone of many bloggers.  That is why they are still poor, and I am too.  You can bet the big guys have secrets they are telling us about.  I am sure you and I will figure it out together!

So of course, we have adsense which just about everyone on the planet knows about.  If you click on the link, though, it reads 'adsense for content'.  Does that mean there is adsense for something else?  Yep, how about Adsense for feeds?

Once you get these two things figured out, which means you have figured out what a feed is and how to insert a widget into your blog, then we move merrily along to other affiliate marketing programs. 

I can tell you, trying to get some fool to apply for a billion free offers so you can collect a check, or  give up all of their personal and financial information taking internet surveys is a tough sell.  Many internet hosting sites don't like the click for $$ schemes, either. 

"They get to take surveys to show how much they know"

On the other hand, everyone has his place in this world.  What do you want to bet God made internet surveys for those guys who know everything?  They have to take the survey because most of us loath hearing a know it all spout off, even when the really do know it all.  So they get to take surveys to show how much they know.  That is a pretty lonely existence and a tough way to live life.   

If you want some hard hitting advice about how to make this all work, pro blogger is a must! 

So what other affiliate programs are out there?  You could ask the guys who do surveys which affiliate marketing programs are the best.  You will have to peel their hands off of the mouse, first.  Knowing it all is addictive and the computer has no choice, it must listen!  Better yet, listen to an amateur.  There are more survery's than you can shake a stick at.  And there are almost as many affiliate marketing programs!

Which ones are the best?  I can tell you of a million or so which are not so hot.  That is because I already tried them or looked at them.  It takes a while to spot a snake in the wood pile.

By the time it is all said and done there might be a simpler and easier way to make a buck on the net:  By now you have likely discovered you have compromised the copyright on your work product when you posted it for free on a web page.  Why not package it up and sell it as an e-book to those of us who are finally willing to pay for good advice?

e-junkie will list your book for affiliate hungry internet marketers to buy for just $5.00 a month.  They take care of the financial end of things for you including 24 hour check out, credit card payments and the little shopping cart do-dattle.  If you like the idea feel free to click on the icon I have place here for you.  By the way, if you sign up with them, I am required to tell you, there is a small benefit in it for me.  It does not cost you a dime and in the end we all do a little better!  e-junkie E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery 

I have my quality written 100 articles and am patiently waiting for the checks to roll in. So far I don't have enough to buy a Rolls Royce.  I am optomistic some of my affiliate marketing will add to the cruising kitty over time.  I am also thinking about selling my work as an e-book.  In my next post I will tell you a little bit about which affiliate marketing sites look good, and maybe which to stay away from!

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