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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Craigslist Blocks Sellers, Buyers Miss Deals

Craigslist server errors stop local advertisers

Sellers switch to Backpage --

Buyers Miss Opportunities

Local advertisers are being blocked from Craigslist. Some say they are being black listed by the company because they are aggressive sellers. In frustration, they are moving to friendlier service providers. Meanwhile, buyers are missing out on great deals!

If you are a retail merchant and tried to post on Craigslist recently you likely received an error message: "Server busy, try back in 20 minutes!" The message continues all day long.

"We used to sell a ton of cars every day from Craigslist" says CEO Tim Paynter with U.S. Autos Direct, llc. "Sometimes we are blocked all day. Other times it takes a half hour to get one car listed. We finally gave up! There are better alternatives."

Paynter believes his company is being blocked by the server because they were an aggressive advertiser.

"We beat about any price on the net" Paynter said. "We provide great service to buyers seeking a used car."

Fortunately for advertisers there are alternatives. Back Page offers the same service as Craigs list.

"There are plenty of competitors who will step up into Craigslist's shoes." Paynter noted. "It is only a matter of time before the call to abandon ship goes out"

Paynter said great deals drove craigslist. Without the competition, prices will rise. Buyers will look elsewhere.

"Why tune into Craigslist if the deal is on Backpage?" Paynter said.

Sad to see it. Nothing lasts forever. Craigs list management does not make it any easier, as contacting them is next to impossible.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He jacked me off in the parking of a zoo He masturbated me in front of 500 people We could have gone to the glory hole in the bathroom

Handjob in the park

There were at least 500 people near by

I blew jizz all over the car

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     Gawd was I horney!  I needed to get my rocks off, to blow my wad to have a guy, any guy, stroke my prick!  I needed a bj within 30 minutes.  My boss is cunt and I had to get back to work!

     I am pretty picky about who I let get me off.  Sometimes I wait for days before I cum just to get the right stud.  Maybe that is why I was so hot!

    My nutsack hurt, it had been so long since I blew my wad.  So I went to the zoo and parked where all the gay guys park.  Mostly it is an old troll's place but you get your average boy toy once in awhile.  I was not having much luck.  This old guy kept walking by the back of my car.  He even walked by the side window.  He was about 45, nice cut hair.  Work clothes.  Tight jeans covering his crotch. 

     I decided he would have to do.  I sat back in the drive's seat of my 2009 BMW 326i.  The car it's self usually brings in nice dick.  So here I am, I have my pants wide open.  I had my dick out over my undreware.  I had a nespaper to cover my dick.  I was only trying to flash the prick so he would know he could have me.  Everyone wants me, I just have to single, you know.Ads by AdGenta.com

     He walked right up to the window.

     "So how you doin" he said. 

     "Horney." I replied.

     I pulled the newspaper off of my cock and his mouth started to water.  I knew he wanted that down his thorat or maybe burried deep in his ass cheeds!

     "So where can we go?" I asked.  There were at least three places with some privacy nearby.  The zoo parking lot was NOT the place to have sex.  There must be at least 3 patrol cars that go by every hour.  Then there is a crowd of people who are walking through the parking lot on their way to the zoo.

     "Let's start here."  he said.  I didn't want to but if that is what it took, I guess I would go along with it.  So I let him reach in and touch my cock.  He had really soft hands.  I felt so good. 

     "You like that?"  he asked with a smile.

     "Yeah" I replied, relazing a bit.  He was running his hand up and down my shaft.  Oops, someone walked by on the other side of the car.  I quickly covered up.  Coast clear, he got right back to it!  Nice, up and down.  He looked around for a minute.  When he thought he could get away with it he rand his hand up my shirt and pinched my nipples.

     "You like to have your nipple played with?"  he askedAds by AdGenta.com.

    "Oh yeah!"  I replied in a kind of a moan.  By now he had one hand running up and down on the shaft and one hand on my chest.  Geez it was sweet!

Pretty soon I started to convulse.  It was the stage right before I blow.  Now the average guy starts to wank my rod really fast at this point.  I guess we all do.  But not this cat.  He slowed down and started to circle my crown with his fingers.

     "Ohhhh..."  I was starting to buck.  My pants were almost down to my knees by now.  He had my prick completely out of my underpants.  Any one of these tourists could have looked right in and they would have seen me bucking with my hardon, all 8 inches of it, wet on the end.  I was so hot clear liquid was sliding down the shaft.  But he wouldn't speed up.  I didn't want to grab my dick.  I like em to do it all,  Each guy has his own technique, and this guy had a really good one!

  "Oh, yeah, oh yeah, faster! I begged him but he just slowed down even more.  I was thrusting, my naked hips pumping up and down, my dong, hard asAds by AdGenta.com a steel rod, pushng up into his hand, but he just loosed his grip even more.  Then he went right for the crown.  Right from the piss slit down the shaft.  Slow but now with a bit more pressure...and that is all it took.  I soaked myself.  Couldn't help it.  Jizz was all over.  I was glad for the newspaper because it caught a lot of it.  But I still was really wet.  You know when you are only 19 we tend to blow a lot more than older guys do.

   My face was red.  I was sure people in the parking lot had heard me moaning.  I didn't want to look around to see.  I just pulled my shirt down over my penis.  With a smile the old geezer pulled away.

    "Maybe next week?:"  he didn;'t wait for an answer.  He knew I would want him again.  As soon as I could find him.  It took about three weeks but he finally came back one day.  This time we didn't do it in my car.  We went to the park restroom and he let me fuck him.  But that is another Ads by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comstory!

Monday, December 14, 2009

secrets to make money with click bank

Money making affiliate marketing with click bank!

Make fast money on the internet!

Success depends upon money making secrets!

If you are new to blogging, you will stumble upon a million sites telling you how to make money on the Internet using affiliate marketing. It looks easy enough, copy and paste and get a check in the mail!

"Success depends upon money making secrets"

Whoa Nellie! Affiliate marketing is not as easy as it looks! First, many sites look like a scam. Computer people are savvy. No sale!
Then there are products that require investment or massive efforts in programming. Too much time for the average blogger.

"We have a decision and an opportunity"

Click bank solves affiliate marketing problems with a super easy formatting and plan with code generation. For the affiliate, it is truly cut and paste!

Their product is simple, on-line books. Once you get a sale, publishers can follow up with a hard copy of their book if they wish.
You can use Click Bank in one of two ways. First, as an affiliate money maker! Second, why not sell what you are giving away?

The first thing that came to my mind was, why not sell my articles instead of giving them away on a blog? Or why not write with a product with publishing in mind?

A lot of what I write comes after hours of research. Other parts come from years of on the job training.

One answer is, if you don't give the product away someone else will! The days of easy money writing on the web are gone! There is a generation of hungry bloggers who are looking for the easy buck money making on the net through affiliate marketing!

"Click Bank does not allow pornography of any kind"
However, if your writing project is unique enough or the reader sees value in it, then it could produce some great sales!

One niche that is not a Click Bank product is "erotic art", Click Bank does not allow pornography of any kind. There are niches. You just have to find one to be a successful publisher.

Already we have a decision and an opportunity. Is it better to be an affiliate marketer or an on-line publisher or both!

The benefit with Click Bank is the credibility factor. It is a well designed product with a growing name. The range of products is so large there is always room for diversity. Best of all, commissions can be 60%, sometimes more!

This overview of Click Bank and how to make money on the Internet will be followed by more detailed articles, including secrets to using click bank to make money on the net. Tune in, I will tell you about some of the secrets in following articles!
Why not join my blog! We are all in this together!

Uncle Tim

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to get free money fast! It is waiting for pick up!

If you need some fast cash you can get it for free! All you have to do is pick it up! How?

Why not take advantage of free give aways in your city? For example, Craigslist has a “free” listing. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

It seems most of the items on Craigslist are pretty big. There are lots of dressers and tables and beds. You have a better chance of getting the large items because they are harder to give away. They also may command a pretty penny when you sell them!

If you don’t want huge items then there are still plenty of smaller items to work with!

The following are the items listed as “free” on the December 12th C-list in Denver, Colorado, all before 10:00 a.m.

***FREE ESTIMATES*** Christmas light installation - (Denver)
picFree Sofa - (Westminster) pic
Free Kids Books - (Littleton)
Free Wrenches and Extension Cords - (Arvada - 75th & Wadsworth) pic
Puppy training pads - (Littleton)
Free Dog To Good Home - pic
Xmas decorations - lights, ornaments, etc. - (Highlands - Denver) pic
bookshelves - 2 high - (Aurora)
File cabinet and small wooden shelf - (Denver) pic
Free 27" Flatscreen TV - (Highlands Ranch) pic
solid wood bookshelf - (morrison) pic
free boxes - (DU area)
Compaq Presario F500 Broken Screen - (Denver) pic
Plastic Hangers - PROMISED - (Hampden/Monaco (I-25/Hampden)) pic
Beautiful Wood Bookshelf - (Arvada) pic
Real Christmas Tree For Family In Need. - (Denver)

Let's leave the free estimate guy out. Now let’s look at the large items:

Free sofa, bookshelves, file cabinet and small wooden shelf, 27 inch flat screen TV, solid wood bookshelf, free boxes, Compaq Presario f500, beautiful wood bookshelf and the real Christmas tree!

If you have room to sell these, say a yard or basement, why not put your husband to work and gather up what you can? They can be sold on craigslist or put on eBay.

Now let’s look at the smaller stuff. Kids books, free wrenches and extension cords, puppy training pads, and the dog. These items are all saleable on eBay except maybe the dog. All you have to do is send you 19 year old college kid out to pick them up!

The secret to getting free things is to be Johnny on the spot. See if the owner will agree to hold the item for you, then make a mad dash over to get them. You should also be ready with your pick up car. If you work in teams, one person can watch the computer, the other be in the field ready to go!

Money is tight. If you need fast cash here it is! Put your boyfriend to work and add a few bucks to the piggy bank!

Good luck, and I will watch for your items on eBay!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Which is Better, A Corporation or LLC?

December 07, 2009

Which business entity is better, an LLC or a corporation? Knowing the difference could save you a lot of heart ache!

Corporations and LLC’s are business structures that act like a person. When creditors come knocking at the door they can only get the assets of the corporation, not those who own the shares of the corporation. While no one plans on having aggressive creditors when they form a new company, in today's climate it can easily happen.

Knowing the difference could save you a lot of heart ache!
In addition, both a corporation and an LLC provide for division of ownership. While a partnership presumes at lest two owners, the partnership is not protected against its creditors. Corporations are frequently owned by a single owner or a single family.

In the old days a company of any size incorporated. The benefits were the company could divide it’s self into a variety of parts. If the company hit it big then those parts could be listed and sold on the stock exchange or divided by friends or family. In the event the company went belly up, filed bankruptcy, the owners of the company could only lose the value of their ownership in the company, or their shares.

Corporations had some fundamental problems

Corporations had some fundamental problems. First, the tax structure of the corporation was hostile. Because the corporation is a separate entitly, it was taxed twice. First the corporation was taxed at the 'corporate level', usually at fairly high rates. Once the profits were paid to the shareholders each share holder was taxed again, hence double taxation.

A subchapter S corporation was created in which the share holders were taxed only once, when the profits were given to the share holders. However, a Sub S, as they are called, has limitations. For example, all of the share holders must be US citizens or the Sub S status goes away.

Partnerships were generally taxed only once, when the profits were paid to the partners. The problem was, all of the partners had equal liability for partnership debts . If the creditors came looking for money, if they could not get the money from one partner they could get it from any other partner who had the bucks. In short, partnerships had better tax benefits, but left the owners open to liability. What to do?

an LLC is generally taxed only one time, when the partners share in the income

A new entity was created called a limited liability company. An LLC is a partnership in which the liability of the partners is limited to the initial investment of the partners. At the same time, an LLC is generally taxed only one time, when the partners share in the income

When to use the various entities?

Unfortunately, LLC law is new law. While the concept is accepted in nearly every state in the union, it may not be applied the same in every state. Therefore, if a company plans to do business out of state, they might be better off with a corporation. On the other hand, a company that plans to do business only in one state should consider the LLC business structure.

If you are planning to open a new company the best thing to do is consult an attorney in your state.

The decisions are not always easy to make. For example, a bar which by its nature is located in only one state may be construed as doing business in many states. Let’s say a gal gets drunk in the Four Corners area of the US. She then drives into four different states killing pedestrians in each state. Even though the bar does not do business in four states, it may have to defend lawsuits in four states. Each state may have different ways of interpreting the LLC structure.

If you are planning to open a new company the best thing to do is consult an attorney in your state. Articles like this should never be taken as legal advice, as they are general. Specific situations differ. Rather, it is a place to start in your research for a new company.

Good luck to you, and if you open a bar, have a scotch on Uncle Tim!

Tim Paynter is an attorney, civil rights leader and advisor for the consumer and small business person. If you want legal advice in Colorado he would love to consult with you. If you want legal advice in another state be sure to find a competent attorney.

Will Your Internet Idea Work? Find Out For Free Using Google Adwords

Is your internet business viable? Are you using the right marketing camping? Try Free Google Adwords to find out!

Lots of us have great ideas to make a buck on the internet. The question is, are we spinning our wheels, will the idea work? A great place to start your research is Google Insights for Search.

GIFS gives you an idea of how many people are searching key words. If your key word is on the low end of the totem pole then either you are spinning your wheels or you need to revamp your marketing campaign.

Let’s say you want to sell a resume service. First go to Google Keywords https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal let’s type in the key word “resume service”. Why add the word ‘service”? The answer is in the results of your key word search.

Unfortunately, the number of hits for “Resume Service” is not over whelming. On the local market vs. the global market, there were only 4,400 searches for our key word. That leaves one of two conclusions: Either the idea is a big flop or we are using the wrong key words. Since common sense tells us people want resume services in a tough economy, we probably have the wrong key word.

If we return to our adword search, the results are still less than encouraging. The next search phrase that gives us hope is “resume services” which comes in at 49,000 hits. The question for a new business person is, how many of the 49,000 hits are going to respond to our ad, and how many of those are we going to convert?

Let’s say that of the 49,000 people who come across our web site using the key word “resume services”, 1% actually hit our site button. That leaves 490 who look at the site. Depending upon how good a marketer we are, we might get a 1% conversion rate from the hits. That leaves us with 4.9 resumes sales a month. This number so small there is a good chance we won’t sell any resumes. Is that enough for you?

Don’t lose hope! Moving down the list we find 110,000 people have searched our key word “resume services”. That is still a small number of searches for a budding company. Using the same formula as above, our conversion rate of 11 sales a month. Again, the number of sales is so small we are likely have a 0 conversion rate.

So does that mean our service is not viable? In some cases the answer is yes! I would rather find this out sooner than later, considering the amount of time and investment I am going to have to make just to start the new business.

But don’t lose hope! Moving down to Google’s suggested key words we find inspiration! Under Resume Templates there are 246,000 hits; under resume templates there are 550,000 hits; resume how-to there are 368,000 hits; and under sample resume there are 823,000 hits a month.
The results tell me two things: First, there are a lot of people who want help with their resume. Second, most of them don’t start with the idea of buying a resume service. If you think about it, most people who don’t have jobs are also not flush with cash. However, that leaves me with choices.

Maybe I have to change my product, or maybe I have to have a killer marketing strategy. But then, both of these are a topic for another blog!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Five Ways To Break Writers Block! Make Money In Words!

So You Have Decided to Blog For Bucks! Now What?

Unless you like pornography or are a professional photographer, you need to come up with articles with key words. Intersting topics are EZ to find with the following ideas! Break writer's block, have fun blogging!

1. Who do you know? What happened to them? Interesting news pieces can be found in every day life! Just look around you at the people in your life and I bet you find a story that works!

This is a story about Eduardo Salazar Rivera who is fighting a rare childhood illness:


2. Self Interview. They say talking to yourself makes you crazy so I guess I am insane! Some of the best money making pieces I write are an interview with myself. I get to tell you what I think using quotes and "Paynter said". For example, in my piece about HP abuses and their warranty, my conversation with HP Tim Metcalf and how an HP Pavilion Notebook is not a Laptop, and how a burn to one person is hot air to another!

"Unless you like pornography or are a professional photographer, you need to come up with articles with words."

3. Travel. You don't have to travel far to write a travel piece. In Colorado we have Central City, now a gambling town, Breckenridge which is the new Aspen, Glenwood Springs and the hot springs pool, the Denver Mint and the Molly Brown house all within 2 hours of the city. Some of the most rural places are the most interesting like a blue hole where they go swimming naked in Texas, or searchlight Nevada!

4. Causes. What bugs you? If you have no passions in life then maybe that is your first clue. Why not research an issue and then write about it?

Here are some links to some of my causes:



5. Gadgets. Geez there are a lot out there. I am fascinated with the tiny cameras they sell on eBay. What kind of gadget do you like? Find it, research it, write about it, collect your check!

Everyone has something to say. Open your eyes, listen to your friends, write about your passions, come along and blog with us!

Tim Paynter is a civil rights activist looking for his next story. Tell me about your cause, your pain, who has taken advantage of you and let's see if there is something we can do about it!

How To Write Money Making Arcticles - How To Make Friends and Influence People

How make money on line writing...

The first step to making money on line writing is the writing it's self. If your information is not interesting then how can you be effective?

Internet writing and writing in general have one difference: Key words. Great writers are not always great ineternet writers. Learning how to use key words and still make sense and be interesting is a lot of work. If the net crawlers including google don't pick up your blog, then best look for a new money making idea.

The net is full of key word advisors. I use Google Adword: Key word tool. https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal This one works for a beginner blogger like me, there are better ones.

Once you have your key word source and your writing theme, it is time to write. Here is a formula that works well:

Title: A killer title catches attention and makes money on the internet. There are two parts to a catchy title. First, How you say it, second the key words you use.

One title I used was "HP Says No Warranty for Pavilion Laptop".

The title gets immediate interest because a lot of us made the mistake of buying HP Pavilions. Mine burned my leg and HP refused to honor their warranty. I am not alone. The title is doing it's job!

And of course, HP, Pavilion and laptop are big key words.

First Paragraph: In the first paragraph use your main key words as well. In my HP Pavilion warranty, I used the words HP, Hewelett Packard, and Pavilion notebook.

Now marry your key words with a two sentence description of what the reader is going to learn. In a recent blog about abusive practices by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., I said:

"'Watch out for Wells Fargo Lines of Credit, Ouch! This is predatory lending at it's worst!" said a Denver attorney who got caught up in one of the bank's predatory lending schemes.'

I used Wells Fargo Bank's name, a good key word. I also used the word 'predatory lending', another key word. All of that went into a two sentence paragraph telling the consumer what he is going to read.

Body: It takes a lot of work to write a body rich with key words, adsense words, or google key words. When writing the body of your article you want to keep it:

a. Informative

b. Short but

c. Use key words at the same time.

Some key word phrases are so awkard using them. For example, the phrase 'how make money on line' has the biggest key word rating of all my key words on google adsense. Yet the phrase is awkward. I had to do some creative writing to fit it into this piece.

While working with key words, give the reader good information. If he likes your sources he might sign up for your feed or start to follow you. For consumer problems I like to reference Rip Off Report. They are independent thinkers and they don't bow to political pressure. http://www.ripoffreport.com/

I also like to reference Free Press Release. Many of my blogs are preceeded or followed by a piece in Free Press Release. This is one of my favorite places to post as they don't bow to political pressure either, and for a guy who writes about social issues, that is an important point! Free Press Release

Conclusion or ending. Again, you want to use your main key words in the ending, HP Paviiion, or Wells Fargo for the two pieces I mentioned. When I did a piece on an 11 year old boy battling for his life against a deadly illness I used the name of the illness, HLH Syndrome, chemotherapy and childhood diseases. I also used his name, Eduardo Salazar Rivera, as I was optomistic the Latino press would pick up on it like Univision or Piolin. I used both of these names in my first paragraph and may last as they often pick up on Latino social issues.

It also helps if you have a catchy ending. In my Wells Fargo piece, the question I posed was, "If it can happen to an attorney, can it happen to you?"

Over all: The last part to good writing is revision. Read the piece, put it down, read it again. Take out words you don't need. Reword for brevity. Amercians love to write. Lots of us prefer to email rather than pick up the phone and talk. The secret to getting read is to be found, use key words from google adsense, or other service providers, be interesting and informative by providing links, and be brief if you want to be read!

Tim Paynter is an attorney and civil rights activist in Denver Colorado.

Good luck with your writing. Feel free to send me your ideas! Together we all become better writers in the process!

Uncle Tim