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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He jacked me off in the parking of a zoo He masturbated me in front of 500 people We could have gone to the glory hole in the bathroom

Handjob in the park

There were at least 500 people near by

I blew jizz all over the car

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     Gawd was I horney!  I needed to get my rocks off, to blow my wad to have a guy, any guy, stroke my prick!  I needed a bj within 30 minutes.  My boss is cunt and I had to get back to work!

     I am pretty picky about who I let get me off.  Sometimes I wait for days before I cum just to get the right stud.  Maybe that is why I was so hot!

    My nutsack hurt, it had been so long since I blew my wad.  So I went to the zoo and parked where all the gay guys park.  Mostly it is an old troll's place but you get your average boy toy once in awhile.  I was not having much luck.  This old guy kept walking by the back of my car.  He even walked by the side window.  He was about 45, nice cut hair.  Work clothes.  Tight jeans covering his crotch. 

     I decided he would have to do.  I sat back in the drive's seat of my 2009 BMW 326i.  The car it's self usually brings in nice dick.  So here I am, I have my pants wide open.  I had my dick out over my undreware.  I had a nespaper to cover my dick.  I was only trying to flash the prick so he would know he could have me.  Everyone wants me, I just have to single, you know.Ads by AdGenta.com

     He walked right up to the window.

     "So how you doin" he said. 

     "Horney." I replied.

     I pulled the newspaper off of my cock and his mouth started to water.  I knew he wanted that down his thorat or maybe burried deep in his ass cheeds!

     "So where can we go?" I asked.  There were at least three places with some privacy nearby.  The zoo parking lot was NOT the place to have sex.  There must be at least 3 patrol cars that go by every hour.  Then there is a crowd of people who are walking through the parking lot on their way to the zoo.

     "Let's start here."  he said.  I didn't want to but if that is what it took, I guess I would go along with it.  So I let him reach in and touch my cock.  He had really soft hands.  I felt so good. 

     "You like that?"  he asked with a smile.

     "Yeah" I replied, relazing a bit.  He was running his hand up and down my shaft.  Oops, someone walked by on the other side of the car.  I quickly covered up.  Coast clear, he got right back to it!  Nice, up and down.  He looked around for a minute.  When he thought he could get away with it he rand his hand up my shirt and pinched my nipples.

     "You like to have your nipple played with?"  he askedAds by AdGenta.com.

    "Oh yeah!"  I replied in a kind of a moan.  By now he had one hand running up and down on the shaft and one hand on my chest.  Geez it was sweet!

Pretty soon I started to convulse.  It was the stage right before I blow.  Now the average guy starts to wank my rod really fast at this point.  I guess we all do.  But not this cat.  He slowed down and started to circle my crown with his fingers.

     "Ohhhh..."  I was starting to buck.  My pants were almost down to my knees by now.  He had my prick completely out of my underpants.  Any one of these tourists could have looked right in and they would have seen me bucking with my hardon, all 8 inches of it, wet on the end.  I was so hot clear liquid was sliding down the shaft.  But he wouldn't speed up.  I didn't want to grab my dick.  I like em to do it all,  Each guy has his own technique, and this guy had a really good one!

  "Oh, yeah, oh yeah, faster! I begged him but he just slowed down even more.  I was thrusting, my naked hips pumping up and down, my dong, hard asAds by AdGenta.com a steel rod, pushng up into his hand, but he just loosed his grip even more.  Then he went right for the crown.  Right from the piss slit down the shaft.  Slow but now with a bit more pressure...and that is all it took.  I soaked myself.  Couldn't help it.  Jizz was all over.  I was glad for the newspaper because it caught a lot of it.  But I still was really wet.  You know when you are only 19 we tend to blow a lot more than older guys do.

   My face was red.  I was sure people in the parking lot had heard me moaning.  I didn't want to look around to see.  I just pulled my shirt down over my penis.  With a smile the old geezer pulled away.

    "Maybe next week?:"  he didn;'t wait for an answer.  He knew I would want him again.  As soon as I could find him.  It took about three weeks but he finally came back one day.  This time we didn't do it in my car.  We went to the park restroom and he let me fuck him.  But that is another Ads by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comstory!

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