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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Five Ways To Break Writers Block! Make Money In Words!

So You Have Decided to Blog For Bucks! Now What?

Unless you like pornography or are a professional photographer, you need to come up with articles with key words. Intersting topics are EZ to find with the following ideas! Break writer's block, have fun blogging!

1. Who do you know? What happened to them? Interesting news pieces can be found in every day life! Just look around you at the people in your life and I bet you find a story that works!

This is a story about Eduardo Salazar Rivera who is fighting a rare childhood illness:


2. Self Interview. They say talking to yourself makes you crazy so I guess I am insane! Some of the best money making pieces I write are an interview with myself. I get to tell you what I think using quotes and "Paynter said". For example, in my piece about HP abuses and their warranty, my conversation with HP Tim Metcalf and how an HP Pavilion Notebook is not a Laptop, and how a burn to one person is hot air to another!

"Unless you like pornography or are a professional photographer, you need to come up with articles with words."

3. Travel. You don't have to travel far to write a travel piece. In Colorado we have Central City, now a gambling town, Breckenridge which is the new Aspen, Glenwood Springs and the hot springs pool, the Denver Mint and the Molly Brown house all within 2 hours of the city. Some of the most rural places are the most interesting like a blue hole where they go swimming naked in Texas, or searchlight Nevada!

4. Causes. What bugs you? If you have no passions in life then maybe that is your first clue. Why not research an issue and then write about it?

Here are some links to some of my causes:



5. Gadgets. Geez there are a lot out there. I am fascinated with the tiny cameras they sell on eBay. What kind of gadget do you like? Find it, research it, write about it, collect your check!

Everyone has something to say. Open your eyes, listen to your friends, write about your passions, come along and blog with us!

Tim Paynter is a civil rights activist looking for his next story. Tell me about your cause, your pain, who has taken advantage of you and let's see if there is something we can do about it!

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