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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How To Write Money Making Arcticles - How To Make Friends and Influence People

How make money on line writing...

The first step to making money on line writing is the writing it's self. If your information is not interesting then how can you be effective?

Internet writing and writing in general have one difference: Key words. Great writers are not always great ineternet writers. Learning how to use key words and still make sense and be interesting is a lot of work. If the net crawlers including google don't pick up your blog, then best look for a new money making idea.

The net is full of key word advisors. I use Google Adword: Key word tool. https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal This one works for a beginner blogger like me, there are better ones.

Once you have your key word source and your writing theme, it is time to write. Here is a formula that works well:

Title: A killer title catches attention and makes money on the internet. There are two parts to a catchy title. First, How you say it, second the key words you use.

One title I used was "HP Says No Warranty for Pavilion Laptop".

The title gets immediate interest because a lot of us made the mistake of buying HP Pavilions. Mine burned my leg and HP refused to honor their warranty. I am not alone. The title is doing it's job!

And of course, HP, Pavilion and laptop are big key words.

First Paragraph: In the first paragraph use your main key words as well. In my HP Pavilion warranty, I used the words HP, Hewelett Packard, and Pavilion notebook.

Now marry your key words with a two sentence description of what the reader is going to learn. In a recent blog about abusive practices by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., I said:

"'Watch out for Wells Fargo Lines of Credit, Ouch! This is predatory lending at it's worst!" said a Denver attorney who got caught up in one of the bank's predatory lending schemes.'

I used Wells Fargo Bank's name, a good key word. I also used the word 'predatory lending', another key word. All of that went into a two sentence paragraph telling the consumer what he is going to read.

Body: It takes a lot of work to write a body rich with key words, adsense words, or google key words. When writing the body of your article you want to keep it:

a. Informative

b. Short but

c. Use key words at the same time.

Some key word phrases are so awkard using them. For example, the phrase 'how make money on line' has the biggest key word rating of all my key words on google adsense. Yet the phrase is awkward. I had to do some creative writing to fit it into this piece.

While working with key words, give the reader good information. If he likes your sources he might sign up for your feed or start to follow you. For consumer problems I like to reference Rip Off Report. They are independent thinkers and they don't bow to political pressure. http://www.ripoffreport.com/

I also like to reference Free Press Release. Many of my blogs are preceeded or followed by a piece in Free Press Release. This is one of my favorite places to post as they don't bow to political pressure either, and for a guy who writes about social issues, that is an important point! Free Press Release

Conclusion or ending. Again, you want to use your main key words in the ending, HP Paviiion, or Wells Fargo for the two pieces I mentioned. When I did a piece on an 11 year old boy battling for his life against a deadly illness I used the name of the illness, HLH Syndrome, chemotherapy and childhood diseases. I also used his name, Eduardo Salazar Rivera, as I was optomistic the Latino press would pick up on it like Univision or Piolin. I used both of these names in my first paragraph and may last as they often pick up on Latino social issues.

It also helps if you have a catchy ending. In my Wells Fargo piece, the question I posed was, "If it can happen to an attorney, can it happen to you?"

Over all: The last part to good writing is revision. Read the piece, put it down, read it again. Take out words you don't need. Reword for brevity. Amercians love to write. Lots of us prefer to email rather than pick up the phone and talk. The secret to getting read is to be found, use key words from google adsense, or other service providers, be interesting and informative by providing links, and be brief if you want to be read!

Tim Paynter is an attorney and civil rights activist in Denver Colorado.

Good luck with your writing. Feel free to send me your ideas! Together we all become better writers in the process!

Uncle Tim

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