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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Craigslist Blocks Sellers, Buyers Miss Deals

Craigslist server errors stop local advertisers

Sellers switch to Backpage --

Buyers Miss Opportunities

Local advertisers are being blocked from Craigslist. Some say they are being black listed by the company because they are aggressive sellers. In frustration, they are moving to friendlier service providers. Meanwhile, buyers are missing out on great deals!

If you are a retail merchant and tried to post on Craigslist recently you likely received an error message: "Server busy, try back in 20 minutes!" The message continues all day long.

"We used to sell a ton of cars every day from Craigslist" says CEO Tim Paynter with U.S. Autos Direct, llc. "Sometimes we are blocked all day. Other times it takes a half hour to get one car listed. We finally gave up! There are better alternatives."

Paynter believes his company is being blocked by the server because they were an aggressive advertiser.

"We beat about any price on the net" Paynter said. "We provide great service to buyers seeking a used car."

Fortunately for advertisers there are alternatives. Back Page offers the same service as Craigs list.

"There are plenty of competitors who will step up into Craigslist's shoes." Paynter noted. "It is only a matter of time before the call to abandon ship goes out"

Paynter said great deals drove craigslist. Without the competition, prices will rise. Buyers will look elsewhere.

"Why tune into Craigslist if the deal is on Backpage?" Paynter said.

Sad to see it. Nothing lasts forever. Craigs list management does not make it any easier, as contacting them is next to impossible.

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